What We Do

Geo Chem Middle East is a multi-disciplinary company which offers geochemical, geological and geotechnical survey, inspection and testing service including consultation, training and certification in the same area.

Inspection and Analytical Services:

We offer wide range of diverse services associated to scientific, chemical, biological, geochemical, and geological and geotechnical analytical survey, inspection, testing, supplies and consultation.

We partner with governments, communities, businesses and organizations all over the world, through building trusted relationships. We're excited and inspired to be helping Afghanistan build its future as a competitive country creating a platform for economic growth and a more connected, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Lab Equipment Supplies and Services:

We have decades of expertise and experience in supply of diverse range of scientific laboratory supplies and consumable, that meet quality and safety standards. We are working diligently to provide everything you need to outfit or replenish your lab.

Accreditation and Certification:

Our accreditation and certification program is one of the most important project for the trade development of Afghanistan. Under this program we make sure products and services are provided at international standard level.

Accreditation and certification program can greatly help afghan traders to produce quality products to build consumer confidence and gain new opportunities through these required standards and provide their products to the international market.

Environmental Monitoring:

A part of its commitment Geo-Chem has been offering Environmental Air Quality Monitoring services in UAE for the past 7 years. Our environmental testing lab is equipped to conduct testing Metrological data like Wind Speed, Relative Humidity, Temperature, repairable dust PM 10, Green Gas Sulphur Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxides of Nitrogen, Nitrogen Monoxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Ozone. Our capability also includes instantaneous and continuous monitoring.

Collateral Management Services:

Geo Chem Group also specializes in offering Collateral Management Services in respect of cargoes imported/ exported from various origins and stored in Warehouses under Collateral Management with various banks. The Collateral Management Agreement is entered into by Geo-Chem. We remain responsible to the bank for the complete performance of the obligations under the CMA, resting on appropriate Professional Indemnity, through International Underwriters.

Calibration Services:

Geo Chem Middle East has been active in calibration services in the Middle East region ever since the petroleum laboratory was functional in the year 1999. In the initial stages the scope was limited to calibration of simple lab equipment like Viscometers and Thermometers. The capability has steadily grown into many fields and can now handle almost all lab equipment such as thermo probes, pressure gauges, electrical measuring equipment etc. The latest addition to the Calibration department is an Electro-Optical Distance Ranging Method (EODR) for calibration of shore tanks.

Crude Assay:

Our new capability also includes condensate/ crude oil assay capability by Geo Chem Middle East. The assay test can be limited to know the various fractions yield or extensive by the characterization of the whole crude and its fractions. The various fractions expected from normal stabilized oil, LPG, Light Naphtha, Heavy Naphtha, Kerosene, Gas Oil and Residual Fuel Oil. A single distillation may not be sufficient to produce the required volume to complete the characterization of each commercially interested fraction. ASTM D 2892 is the standard method employed for the TBP distillation.

Consultancy Service for setting up laboratories:

Geo Chem has a strong track record in providing specialized consultancy services to several leading international clients across the region. Our expertise includes setting up on-site and off-site laboratories, providing all relevant technical assistance and effectively manning of the laboratories.

Geo Chem’s Business Development and Consultancy Division is led by a team of highly qualified and experienced personnel. From charting out the requirements of the client, the specialized consultancy team undertakes the entire planning as well as checking products and instruments to the required specification.

We have proven experienced and technically skilled personnel and enjoy a strong reputation amongst our clients for our punctuality and quality of work undertaken.

List of our equipment

• High Performance Liquid Chromoatograph
• Gas Chromatographs with Mass spectrometer
• Ion chromatograph
• Three Inductively couple plasma
• Spectrometer (ICP) with ultrasonic nebulizer
• Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
• Advanced Real time PCR
• Particle size counter
• Fluorescence Microscope
• Humidity Controlled Stability Chambers
• Brookfield’s Viscometer
• Tintometer
• Auto Titrators • Digital Refractometer