Who We are

We are an international, independent inspection and testing organization with past five decades of extensive experience in inspection, survey and testing of diverse imports, exports and locally produced products and commodities. We are one of the largest survey, inspection and testing companies in the Middle East and one of the “top ten” inspection and testing organizations in the world. Geo Chem was established in the year 1964 in India and shifted its headquarter to Dubai, United Arab Emirate in the year 1999; has a global presence in 30 countries around the world with affiliates and independent offices in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and USA.

Headquarter and Facilities:

Geo Chem Middle East Headquarter locates in Techno Park, near Jabel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Based on 3000m2 land complemented by full-fledged offices and laboratory with networked laboratories in Fujairah, Jabel Ali, Muscat, Doha and Dammam thus providing a wide range coverage in the Middle East.


Geo Chem Middle East laboratories are ISO 9001:200 and ISO 17025 accredited by ENAS and DAC for petroleum products, aviation fuel, lubricant, transformer oil and gas, potable water, waste water, food chemistry and microbiology analysis. The laboratories are equipped with latest equipment and calibrated to meet national and international standards traceable to NAMAS. All laboratories departments are manned by suitable qualified and experienced personnel who have excellent exposure in the field of survey, inspection and testing.

Laboratory Management System (LIMS):

Geo Chem Middle East Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is FDA CRF Part II compliant and ensures optimal utilization of our resources they provide accurate and timely report.


They are committed professionals with years of experience, skillsets, talent and dedication striving for excellence in all aspects of their jobs and are the driving force behind our growth. Geo Chem Middle East team includes advanced engineering talents, chemists, innovative technologists, highly-skilled technicians and a competent group of operating support staff.

President’s Message

As president and CEO of Geo Chem Middle East – Afghanistan,    I believe in business excellence and effectiveness. Therefore, I have been closely working with the Management Team to ensure that Geo Chem remains among the top companies. We understand that growth brings rewards and also new challenges, therefore, we are proactively and constantly transforming to the pace of environmental and economic changes. Besides, we take great pride being a major contributor in the efforts to provide safer environment for the people. Every project we take on, big or small, is an opportunity to have a contribution in moving our country forward one more step, and we think that is an incredible privilege.

One of our great strength is the enthusiastic involvement of all our well encouraged, well-motivated and well educated professional employees in decision making. With our professional workforce, state of the art equipment and full-fledged laboratories your expectations are guaranteed as per your specifications and needs.

We at Geo Chem strive to provide and deliver services accurately, on-time and with consistent quality. We will continue to serve the needs of our customers and go beyond to deliver high-quality services exceeding expectations.

Geo Chem is committed to standardization of products and services. We believe that the facility of access to standardized products and services should be available to all the people. We encourage active consideration and participation of all businesses in standardization of their products and services, to play their ethical and social role in uplifting the life of the people.

Access to clean air, water, healthy food and safe environment are the major necessity of our life, therefore we are committed and contributing by inspection and testing in prevention of substandard and harmful products from entering to the local markets.

Najmuddin Sayas
President and CEO of GEO CHEM Middle East – Afghanistan